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3 Things A Peson With Addiction Can Learn From the Miss America Pageant

Here are three things people with addictions can learn from the Miss America Pageant:

1. There were 53 ladies competing for the 2015 Miss America crown. All of them went into the competition with equal intrinsic worth. All of them left the competition with the same and equal intrinsic worth. Their value as a person did not change regardless of whether they won or lost. The value of a person who is addicted to or abuses alcohol or drugs is also constant. Before the addiction, during the addiction, and after the addiction, each of them is of infinite, eternal worth.

2.It’s okay to be different. It’s okay to be you. The winner of the Miss America in Sept 2014, Kira Kazantsev, used a red, plastic cup as part of her performance, tapping it and turning it as she sang. Some people have made fun of her performance. They would have been fine if she had simply stood and sang, but because she sat and used a cup rhythmically, they have a problem with her. But she still won the pageant. Each of us may face criticism for the choices we make or for what makes us different than other people. But we can still win the race of life. And there will still be people who support us.

3. The results of the Miss America Pageant were determined by subjective judges. Not everyone agreed with their determination of the winner. Our final Judge – the one who determines what happens to us based how we lived our lives – however, is perfect, just, and merciful. He knows our heart absolutely, completely, and clearly. He knows our desires, hurts, and aches. His judgment will be based on all of our circumstances, efforts, and longings, as well as our works.

What else can those with addictions learn from the Miss America Pageant?

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