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Comet Landing and Addiction Recovery: What Do They Have In Common?

Have you tried to overcome addiction and failed? Perhaps tried multiple times? Is there any hope?

Amazing things that have never happened before can happen.

The story of Philae, the comet lander, is just such an example, and it can give you hope that you too can do what you’ve never done before: become and stay clean and sober.

Think first of the people who dreamed up the wild idea to land a probe on a flying comet. People had to buy into that idea. Money had to be allocated. Then there was the coordination, engineering, and actual production of the lander and the ship that would carry it.

Once those were ready, they would have to travel a decade – that’s a long time in human years – in order to accomplish their mission, a mission that had never been achieved before. But the spaceship Rosetta did it’s part. And the lander fell toward the comet.

There were some “bumps” – in that the lander bounced a couple of times – and did not end up where it was supposed to have landed. BUT IT LANDED! What had never been done was accomplished.

You too can do what you have never done before. It may take years – or not. You may have a few bumps in your progress. But like the comet lander, Philae, you too can overcome addiction.

Keep trying. Keep praying. And look forward to the day when you land on your comet.

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