Addiction Rehabilitation Tools

Family & Friends of Those With Addiction

Help your family member or friend through addiction recovery.

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Loved Ones

Help your friend or family member with addiction recovery:

  • Help your loved one regain sobriety.

  • See your loved one’s status reports.

  • Encourage your loved one.

How to help

If you have a friend or family member who is suffering from addiction, here are a few things you can do.

  1. Encourage your loved one to see an addiction specialist.
  2. If your loved one hasn’t already signed up for ARTools (this website), have him or her do so now.  This site can help him or her learn principles of sobriety that can enhance professional treatment.  It will also help them develop a recovery plan that incorporates those powerful principles.
  3. Register yourself on this website and begin using it to assist your loved on. Register Now

Using This Site

Your loved one who uses this site will have various assignments.  Some of those include submitting status reports and posting in his or her sobriety journal.  You will be able to view their status updates and offer encouragment.  You can also view their journal entries and comment on those.  Your supportive comments could encourage them to continue posting and fulfilling their recovery plan. More . . .

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Important Disclaimer

This is not a licensed or medically-approved program or treatment. Rather, this site teaches timeless principles, that if applied, can help people overcome their addictions or other bad habits. In the case of prolonged or intense drug or alcohol use, we recommend that you work with an addiction or medical professional, especially before you first stop consumption of the addictive substance. In the case of alcohol, not doing so may result in death. In the case of other drugs, a professional may be able to reduce the discomfort of withdrawal.
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