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Getting Started: SoberGens

How to use this site -- for those wanting to become free of addiction

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Start Recovering. Do the following:

1. Start by reviewing the Recovery Courses that your clients will take.

2. View your clients’ status reports and journal entries. ( Tip )

3. Ask an ally to support you through ARTools. (Tip )

4. Share your experiences. ( Tip )

5. Earn badges. ( Tip )

6. Go here for help. ( Tip )

Basic Instructions

  • In the SoberGens menu, click “Courses”.
  • Click on the course you would like to take.
  • Click “Start Course”.
  • When you finish each page, click “Mark this unit complete” so that the system will track your progress.
  • You’ll see your progress through the course in the progress bar on the right.
  • When you’ve finished the course, click the “Finish Course” button.

Starting in Course #2, the courses will guide you in creating a personalized recovery plan which will include specific commitments related to your recovery. Be sure to answer each question and complete each assignment the courses give you.

  • Ask your loved one or recovery professional for his or her username.
  • After you’ve logged into the site, go to the Connections page.
    • Go to the profile menu (upper right hand corner, shows your username)
    • Click “Connect” Search for the username of your loved one or professional.
  • When you find the username, click “Add Friend”.
  • Your loved one or professional can accept your invitation by going to his or her profile >> clicking the Friends tab >> Clicking “Requests” >> Clicking “Accept”.
  • Alternatively, you can give your username to your loved one or professional and he or she can send you a friend request which you can then accept from your profile.

In the SoberGens menu, click “Recovery Forums”.

Help other members of ARTools

  • In the SoberGens menu, click “Status Report” or “Sobriety Journal”.
  • Leave an encouraging comment on a status report or journal entry.

In the SoberGens menu, click “Recovery Forums”.

  • Post journal entries sharing what you’ve learned.
  • In the SoberGens menu, click “Sobriety Journal Entry Form”.

Earn Badges and Points

  • In the SoberGens menu, click “Achievements”.
    • This will show you a list of most of the badges you can earn and their respective points.
    • To see how to earn the badge, click “Show Details”.
  • Your earned badges will display on the Achievements page with a “brighter” colored badge.
  • Your earned badges will also display in your profile under “Achievements”.
  • When you complete each Recovery Course, you will also receive a badge that is not listed on the Achievement page. These badges can be seen in your profile on the “Profile” tab.”

Give Feedback

  • Simply click on the “Feedback” tab on the right side of the screen and give us your feedback.
  • You can even send us a screenshot simply by clicking the checkbox next to “Click to automatically attach screenshot.”


Important Disclaimer

This is not a licensed or medically-approved program or treatment. Rather, this site teaches timeless principles, that if applied, can help people overcome their addictions or other bad habits. In the case of prolonged or intense drug or alcohol use, we recommend that you work with an addiction or medical professional, especially before you first stop consumption of the addictive substance. In the case of alcohol, not doing so may result in death. In the case of other drugs, a professional may be able to reduce the discomfort of withdrawal.
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