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Halloween and Substance Abuse: Comparison and Contrast

Halloween is approaching and so are the Halloween parties. Here is a list of comparisons and contrasts between Halloween and substance abuse:

  • On Halloween, people pretend to be someone or something they are not.
  • Drugs alter how a person thinks and feels and can alter one’s perception of reality.
  • Kids gather large amounts of candy that can spike blood sugar levels, feed cavity-forming bacteria in the mouth, and lead to hyperactivity followed by a sugar crash.
  • Drugs can also increase energy for a time, followed by a crash.
  • Halloween parties are common.
  • Parties with drugs or alcohol are too common.
  • Children or youth often go trick or treating with other people.
  • There can be a social aspect to drugs and drinking.
  • Halloween only occurs once a year.
  • Drugs abuse occurs every day.
  • Parents go out with their younger children to watch them as they trick-or-treat.
  • Youth secretly take drugs and alcohol. It’s even sadder when parents knowingly condone, allow, or enable drug and alcohol use.
  • Halloween generates mucho moola ($$$).
  • So do alcohol and drugs.
  • The tagline of Halloween is “trick or treat”.
  • People who abuse substances pull illegal “tricks” to get their “treats”.
  • Halloween can be a fun time for families and communities.
  • Substance abuse brings tears, heartache, and trouble.

What additional comparisons or contrasts do you see between Halloween and substance abuse?

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