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Independence Day


4 July 2014

Independence Day (From Addiction)!

One of the gifts that mankind has is the ability to make choices. We can think and reason, and then act on those thoughts. Even with the powerful influence of emotion and the pressure of outside or external actors, we get to choose our response to things. Addiction changes that. It reduces the power to choose. It suppresses will and places one in bondage.

There is a power, however, that enables people to overcome bondage and become free. And there are principles that help us tap into the power and allow it to flow into our lives. The more of these principles we follow—and the more often we follow them—the more that power can free us.

These principles are tools that can help overcome the bondage of addiction. For example, having a constant awareness of the need for help and a constant pleading in one’s heart for help. Another example is to be conscious about one’s life, about what is happening in one’s mind and heart; in other words, not living on auto-pilot.

The United States of America is celebrating its independence today. That independence came from the efforts of many people working together with God. It took faith and effort. And it took time.

The first formal, central government of the United States failed. And although the second formal government has succeeded, there have been pressures to destroy the freedom and liberty of its people. The people of America, like the people of other countries, have had to defend themselves against internal and external forces.

So it is with sobriety. Gaining sobriety can be a fierce war that requires the efforts of multiple people and the help of God. Multiple battles may have to be fought.

Once the bondage of addiction has been overcome, constant vigilance is required to maintain that freedom. As guns and weapons are used in war both to deter attack and to repel it, so too there are tools that can help people repel cravings and keep them at bay. As the people of a country pull together to defend their borders, so too can people pull together to defend sobriety.

May you learn and use the tools to gain sobriety. That is the hope for this website.

Liberty is a great gift with a great price. May you succeed in your war for independence from addiction.

Happy Independence Day!


July 31, 2014

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