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#3 Make Things Right

Make right, as far as possible, any damage you have done.

This step is not to be confused with confessing your addiction. Rather, it is taking the next step after feeling sorry for messing things up. The focus is on the damage and how it might be repaired.

If, for example, you missed work because you were high, you could let your boss know you are sorry you weren’t more responsible and offer to make up the time. You don’t need to tell him you are an addict, but you do need to make things right.

For this step, list exactly what you will do to repair any damage you have caused. Be as specific as you can in describing how you will make things right. Include when you will do each item. Again be specific. For example, “I will apologize to my boss this Friday, November 3rd at 2:00 p.m., right after our weekly planning meeting. If he’s not available at that time, I will immediately set up an appointment with him using our team calendaring program at his earliest open time.

For each item on your damage to others list, record your plan for how you will make it right, and when.

Now do the same thing for damage you’ve done to yourself.  This is as important as making things right with others.

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This is not a licensed or medically-approved program or treatment. Rather, this site teaches timeless principles, that if applied, can help people overcome their addictions or other bad habits. In the case of prolonged or intense drug or alcohol use, we recommend that you work with an addiction or medical professional, especially before you first stop consumption of the addictive substance. In the case of alcohol, not doing so may result in death. In the case of other drugs, a professional may be able to reduce the discomfort of withdrawal.
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