Addiction Rehabilitation Tools

What To Expect

The Process of Learning and Planning

bookThe process of change using Addiction Rehabilitation Tools follows a few steps.  First, we’ll present information and stories to help you learn. You’ll think about the information and apply it to yourself.  Likewise, with the stories, you’ll think about how they relate to you and your addiction. This will allow you to make plans, step by step.

Next, you’ll implement those plans and report back each day using the Status Update in your profile. That will give you a record that you’ll be able to come back and look at to see your progress.  As you consistently act on your plan and report back, you’ll notice that you’ll be changing too — for the better.

In short form, here are those steps:

  1. Read
  2. Think
  3. Apply
  4. Record
  5. Act
  6. Report Back


Personal Recovery Plan and Personal Learnings

Your first assignment is to get a notebook or journal or start a document in a word processor where you can (1) record what you learn as you go through the A.R.Tools guides; and (2) record your personal recovery plan.

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Important Disclaimer

This is not a licensed or medically-approved program or treatment. Rather, this site teaches timeless principles, that if applied, can help people overcome their addictions or other bad habits. In the case of prolonged or intense drug or alcohol use, we recommend that you work with an addiction or medical professional, especially before you first stop consumption of the addictive substance. In the case of alcohol, not doing so may result in death. In the case of other drugs, a professional may be able to reduce the discomfort of withdrawal.
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